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India is a land of a billion people and nothing has ever come close to cricket when it comes to uniting Indians. The gentleman’s game has captivated the heart of the young and the old, the rich and the poor. We Indians live and breathe cricket!

I grew up watching and playing cricket. Well, more watching less playing. My brothers did not want a girl in their team but given my knowledge about the game, they would ask me to be the umpire in their matches.

My earliest memory of watching cricket is that of my maternal grandparents’ place. Those were times before television were a regular household item. It looked to me that the entire neighborhood had gathered in sitting room. I do not remember if it was a test match they were watching or a one day. I do not even remember which team the Indian Cricket team played against. All I remember is the enthusiasm in the room, the air of anticipation and the spirit of comradeship that prevailed at that moment. Everyone cheered as one when an Indian batsman hit a boundary and let out a string of colorful curses when an Indian fielder missed a catch. I think India won the match that day because I distinctly remember my grandfather getting up from hi chair and doing a little jig with his best friend.

While in school we would spend lunch break listening to the commentary on a clandestine radio in the remotest corner of the playground away from prying eyes of the teachers and the sisters. We carried out the whole operation with utmost secrecy because bringing in a radio to school would undoubtedly land us in a whole lot of hot water!

While in college we had lecturers who were as cricket crazy as us. Hence we rescheduled classes, got the classes cancelled or in times of desperation mass bunked so that we could watch our favorite game.

Things got difficult when I started working, while there were times when the office would be as quiet as a graveyard because the entire team would gather at the cafeteria to catch a particularly important match, we could not do it for every match. There were deadlines to meet or team leads/managers who did not approve. Even though we spent most of our shifts checking out the scores online I guess the fact that we were at least at our desk made it count.

Now that I have a smart phone, watching cricket has become easier than it ever was! Thanks to the UCBrowser which is not only fast but also is easy to use with seamless transition. UC Browser provides the best cricket services in India including live score and the latest news. All you have to do is open UC Browser – Home Screen – Use the blue icon to find “UC Cricket”. No matter where you are, you will never miss another match!


This is my entry for a campaign by UC Browser and UC Cricket

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