Awakening the Netbook

The desert is endless. The sands stand still, save for when they shift ever so slightly in the evening breeze. In front of me there is a solitary figure walking hastily towards the horizon. She exudes an aura of royalty. But if you look closely there is a weariness in her gait, a sense of broken heartedness even, perhaps from all the battles she has seen.

She is not really alone. Her companion is short, almost like a child, armored in a white with orange patterned suit. ‘It’ seems to be rolling along speedily to match her stride. I call her companion an ‘it’, because it is most certainly not human.

“Who are you?”
“I am no one.”

“What am I doing in the desert?” I ask myself. The sun has disappeared completely beyond the horizon. There is an eerie red glow in the luminosity of twilight. I watch mesmerized when suddenly a streak of brilliant scarlet cuts across the dark skies.

I wake up with a start. It was just a dream after all!

But something isn’t right. In the darkness of the night, I can see my desk glowing slightly with the same eerie red glow from my dream. I want to go back to sleep, but my curiosity gets the better of me, as curiosity is wont to do.

I step out of my bed and walk slowly towards my desk. The red light is the glowing keys of the illuminated backlit keyboard of my new Star WarsTM Special Edition Notebook... Now my late night tinkering at my notebook does not disturb my husband. Thanks to the illuminated keyboard I can keep working on my notebook even with just a dim night light!

With a sigh of relief, I gingerly touch my notebook only to come face to face with Kylo Ren. I almost jump out of my skin. But it is only my wallpaper. One of the many rare wallpapers (skin savers, concept art and original trilogy storyboards from the Star WarsTM archives that comes preloaded in the notebook.

I am not so faint hearted to be startled by a mere wallpaper. But when the wallpaper is displayed on a 15-inch diagonal FHD display with an extra wide viewing angle it sometimes becomes difficult to separate the virtual from the real.

Now the notebook also comes with Audio by B&O Play. You don't just hear you feel the sounds. I have customized my notebook and replaced standard notification with one of the preloaded Star WarsTM iconic sound schemes just to give my notebook an extra touch of personalization.

My husband & I just spent the weekend indulging on a Star Wars movie marathon on my new Star WarsTM Special Edition Notebook. The movies felt so much better on Full HD and with Audio by B&O Play I tell you!

Musing about the weekend makes me miss my husband. A quick glance at the time says it is 2.27 am. It is too late to call. So I decide to write him an email before I head back to bed. Just before I press send, I decided to change the font to Aurebesh, the Galactic Base Standard language (also comes loaded in the font library) My husband is a huge Star Wars fan so brownie points to me!!

I am still wide awake. Perhaps some light reading will help me sleep. I look through the books stacked on my desk. Nothing seems interesting. I go back to starring at Kylo Red when suddenly I know what I want to read! Star Wars Comic! After all, my notebook comes preloaded with the first Marvel Star Wars comic in the series, e-book excerpts from the Star Wars Universe and Star Wars movie trailers.

I don’t know when I drifted off to sleep. But my dreams are once again filled with Jedis, light sabers, droids and all things Star Wars (including my notebook *wink*)

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I am a blogger, a story teller. Some of my stories are my own, while others are borrowed. This one is inspired by Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook



This post is my entry for a contest organised by Indiblogger and HP.

For detailed features of the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook please visit HP's website here.