#EkNayiLeague with Kapil Dev

In India, cricket is not merely a sport, it is a religion. One that unites millions of Indians better than any religion ever could. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, people from every walks of life are captivated by the charisma of cricket. Given the chance, majority of the Indians would probably plan their lives around the schedule of the Indian Cricket team! Such is our passion for the gentleman’s game.

The religion of cricket has given us several Gods, and one of the greatest is the living legend Kapil Dev, the man who captained India to our first ever world cup victory in 1983. Kapil Dev was as close to a complete cricketer as one could get. An expert bowler, a hard hitting batsman, a versatile fielder, the quintessential team man, the man for a crisis and an exemplary captain. He is without doubt one of the finest to have ever played the game.

He made his first class debut in November 1975, at the young age of 17, with a spectacular 6 wickets for 39 runs. One splendid performance followed another and as was inevitable he made his debut in Test and ODI in 1978 against arch rival Pakistan. Since then there was no looking back, he added one feather in his cap after another (Many of his records still remain unbroken, eg: Kapil Dev is the only player to have achieved the all-rounder's double of 4,000 Test runs and 400 Test wickets.) but undoubtedly the jewel in his cap was the historic cricket world cup win of 1983. But let’s not forget his four consecutive sixes off Eddie Hemmings to stave off the follow on in the Test against England in 1990. He played his last test against New Zealand in 1993-94 and his last ODI against West Indies in 1994-95.

Fast forwarding two decades to 2015, what is Kapil Dev up to now?

He has recently joined the twitter bandwagon. He made his digital debut with a tweet saying: 
"Ab main finally Twitter par hoon. Yahan khoob saari baatein karengay aur aap se samay samay par information share karunga." (I'm now finally on Twitter. We'll talk a lot and will share information with you on time here).
So what information you ask. Apparently Kapil Dev’s newest venture is called ‘Ek Nayi League’. Now what is ‘Ek Nayi League’? Well… your guess is as good as mine. In fact, if you can guess what is the #EkNayiLeague that Kapil is talking about you stand a chance to win 1 lakh rupees!!

For starters, I think cricket definitely plays a prominent role in #EkNayiLeague. How can it not? Did you see the teasers Kapil Dev has been tweeting.
  • ‘Iss nayi league ko agar aapne dil se khela, toh aapki googly!’ 
  • “Iss #EkNayiLeague ko agar aapne dil se khela to aapki Hit Wicket! Kya hai yeh league”
‘Googly’, ‘Hit Wicket’ definitely cricket terms. Also, the fact that Kapil Dev, the greatest Indian cricketer of the century, is the brand ambassador of this venture. Not to mention, after Indian Premier League and Indian Cricket League, if #EkNayiLeague does not have anything to do with cricket I, for one, will be very disappointed.

And since he is repeating again and again that one cannot win this League if one play’s from the heart, to me it sounds like a game of wits.

Well, for all I know it might be a celebrity game of Dungeons and Dragons cricket style! Or may be a reality show with finance trivia ... I really do not have much of a clue... sigh!

But if you think you can guess what #EKNayiLeague is, why don’t you try your luck at winning the 1 Lakh rupees hereGood Luck!


This is my entry for a campaign by #EkNayiLeague. 
For more details please log on to http://www.eknayileague.com/
UPDATE 1: This entry was awarded a Flipkart voucher worth 1000 INR
UPDATE 2: #EkNayiLeague is the Indian Trading League!