My Mom

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For almost 25 years now, my mom has been the only MD (OB/GYN) in a sleepy little town in Assam. The government hospital, she works in, is the only full equipped medical facility in the district; so more often than not people from neighboring towns and villages find themselves being referred here. Also, the fact that the nearest Nursing Home is a minimum 5 hours of travel away via treacherous mountainous roads prone to frequent landslides, this one government hospital is our lifeline to Healthcare.

Given the unusual circumstances surrounding her work place it is not surprising that my mom works the most unusual hours. She loves her job and is dedicated to her profession. Whether it is 2 pm or 2 am, she is always on call with the exact same passion. She did not even let a hairline fracture on her big toe stand in the way of her work. She works on weekends and on holidays, and even when she has been up all night attending to one patient after another, my mom does not skip work the next day.

You’d think that my sister and I felt neglected as kids, but you couldn't be more wrong. Yes, we probably saw our mom lot less than almost all our friends and perhaps she missed a PTA meeting or two. But we never really noticed. Not just because even as kids, my sister and I, were caught up the usual school, tution and homework routine but because present or not we always felt our mom’s presence.

Take meals for example, mom made sure she cooked all our meals. Though we had a maid to help around in the kitchen, she just did the cutting and the cleaning. It was mom who always cooked all our meals…  Till today food at home is always mom-made! Of course there were occasions here and there when breakfast was milk and cakes and not hot parathas or dinner came packed from the restaurant down town, but I am sure everyone has had those days.

Even when it came to checking homework or shopping for dance recitals, mom always found the time to help us out. Perhaps she did it in the wee hours of the morning or between shifts at the hospital or perhaps waved a magic wand even but mom always found the time to meet our demands without a single complaint for my entire life! And I am no young thing!!

My mom makes stressed out look beautiful and invincible. She walks with the universe on her shoulders and makes it look like a pair of wings.

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