My Blank Canvas

My room is a blank canvas.
No really, my bed room is actually totally devoid of furniture. Having spent most of my life living away from home – boarding school, residential college, PG and shared apartments – it’s hardly surprising that when my parents bought an apartment in the city they did not furnish my room. Given that we hardly spend time in the city – average two days per month – and my parents had no intention of moving to the city for at least a couple more years, mom wanted to keep the furnishing to just functional for now. Way easier to clean up that way I tell you. You cannot imagine the amount of dust an empty house can accumulate, especially one by the river as mighty as the Brahmaputra. So all that the apartment consists of is: one fully furnished bedroom (my parent’s), one partially furnished bedroom (my sister’s), a functional kitchen and a dining table.
Now by some crazy twist of fate, I landed in the city last month and have taken up residence in the apartment. So, I now face the daunting task of adding colors to my blank canvas of a room. Needless to say I have spent an inordinate amount of time trolling the internet looking for inspiration, most of it a tad unrealistic, but then did not someone say ‘in dreams begin realities.’

Here is a look at my top 5 inspirations.

Dream Bedroom Inspiration #1: 

If I could have any bedroom in the whole wide world I would chose a bed in the middle of nature. I would sleep under the stars and wake up to breathtaking sunrises.

Image Source: CN Traveller
Yes, I see the impracticality of having such a bedroom, but a girl can dream *glassy eyed*

Dream Bedroom Inspiration #2:

I am a book nut. I would love a room with a wall full of lacquered wood shelves filled with hundreds of books neatly stacked. To me, there is nothing more blissful than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up in my favorite chair lost in the pages of a good book.

Image Source: Homedit
This is such a beautiful room, although I admit it is not a very practical bedroom... But now that I think of it, may be mom will let me convert the empty store room into a library!

Dream Bedroom Inspiration #3:

Talking about books, Harry Potter is my absolute favorite. Though traditional otherworldly gothic is not exactly my style, it would probably be fun to have a Harry Potter themed bedroom.

Image Source: Theme Rooms
At least I know what kind of bedroom I want for my future kids. *wink*

Dream Bedroom Inspiration #4:

How gorgeous is this! One day when I can afford a place of my own this is how I want my bedroom to look like. A dramatically minimalist bedroom with a bold visual statement - I think I will never leave this bedroom!

Image Source: Bedroom Decoration Ideas
Dream Bedroom Inspiration #5:

So, this one is perhaps the most doable of all the bedrooms in my wishlist. I adore hardwood floors and I love the headboard.

Image Source: Love This Pic

Perhaps if I remove the chandelier and add a few fairy lights – they look like tiny stars don't they? – a book shelf and a quote from Harry Potter – "Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress. Adventure" – on the wall, and photographs around the room I will have incorporated elements from all my top 5 inspiration bedrooms. How cool is that!

And I trust the experts at Godrej Interio are exactly who I need to transform my dreams to reality.



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