The Call of the Wild

Kaziranga National Park, the home of the famed One-horned Rhinoceros (also called the Indian Rhinoceros or the Asian One-horned Rhinoceros), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Assam. This expansive grassland is the home of two-third of the world’s One-horned Rhino population.

The 2015 census revealed the rhino population as 1,651 adults, 294 sub-adults, 251 juveniles and 205 cubs.
For any wildlife enthusiast, a visit to Kaziranga is a must. This park is home to not just the rhinos … though it can be argued that they are indeed the park’s star attraction… Kaziranga is also the home to the “Big Five” viz. the Elephant, the Tiger, the Swamp Deer, the Wild Water Buffalo and of course the One-horned Rhinoceros.
Kaziranga boasts the highest density of tigers among protected areas in the world and was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006.
You could choose to explore the park in the early hours on the back of any elephant or take a cruise on the mighty Brahmaputra along the park. Or if you like, just take a jeep safari into the tall thickets of elephant grass to observe the enchanting wildlife in its natural habitat.

Kaziranga excites the senses and arrests the soul. It beckons a visit! 

To help you plan your holiday to Kaziranga, here is my pick of the top 3 hotels in the area.

1. Diphlu River Lodge

Located on the banks of the picturesque river Diphlu, the Diphlu River Lodge is an ideal destination for a perfect wilderness experience

You can read more about the resort here.

My Top 3 Reasons for choosing Diphlu River Lodge:

#1. Environment sensitive cottages are established on the ideology of responsible tourism. They recycles grey water and subscribes to a low light and noise policy.

#2. The cottages offers a perfect blend of modern comforts with unparalled intimacy with the natural world.

#3. The resort grows their own organic rice, vegetables and mustard. These organic gardens are open for viewing.

2. IORA – The Retreat:

IORA is the newest luxury resort in Kaziranga. Set amidst lush tea gardens this resort offers state of the art amenities.

You can read more about the resort here.

My Top 3 Reasons for choosing IORA:

#1. It is conveniently located just off NH 37 on the Guwahati Dibrugarh sector.

#2. IORA offers nature trails and picnic lunches are available on request.

#3. After a day in the wilderness you can opt for an evening of traditional massage in the Spa & Wellness center

3. The Green Village Resort

Nestled in the foothills of the Karbi Along hills, the Green Village Resort is one of the best new upcoming resorts in Kaziranga. Conceptualised by Mr. Nitish Roy the famous Art Director (best known for designing Ramojo Roy Film City), this resort offers a unique Assamese experience.

You can read more about the resort here.

My Top 3 Reasons for choosing The Green Village Resort:

#1. It offers an genuine essence of Assamese lifestyle and hospitality.

#2. It offers a close encounter with nature. Guests are often known to wake up to the sounds of Great Indian Hornbill and a tribe of Hoolock Gibbons stationed nearby.

#3. An excellent place to try out authentic Assamese cuisine.

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