The last wedding

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For my family, 2015 will forever go down in history as the year of the weddings. After an interlude of seven years since the first wedding of the new generation, for some unfathomable reason three of my cousins (and not to mention a second cousin) had chosen this very year to tie the knot.

The first wedding went down on the second week of January, a particularly elaborate traditional ceremony. The priest was instructed to perform every ritual in the book (some of which I am sure had not been performed for at least a century). The functions seemed to go on for days but the family, had seven years of pent up enthusiasm to draw from, managed to remain unfazed. So while the in-laws had started showing signs of inertia by the end of it, we were still dancing into the night.

For the next wedding, the family flew to Goa for it was destination wedding. My cousin and his bride-to-be had chosen to have a private affair for family and close friends only. Everything was taken care of by an extremely adept wedding coordinator and his team which did not stop my Aunt (groom’s mom) from trying to hijack the wedding coordinator’s role but that is a whole another story. Anyhow, all we had to do was soak in the sun and the sea and turn up immaculately dressed, gorge on delicious sea food and… you guessed it… dance into the night.

Once we were back home, we spent the next couple of weeks attending a flurry of receptions of various friends and colleagues. Not to forget our second cousin’s marriage required both attendance and helping hands. By then, I had replaced my stilettoes with more comfortable wedges and was resolutely refusing second helpings of everything, no matter how insistent. I had also painted my Manager as a monstrous slave driver in an attempt to skip a few family events.

So when the last wedding of the season finally crept upon the family, the weariness had set in. Even the constant commotion of activity sounded dull – the helpful relatives, the decorators, the sweet sellers were all just going through the motions. Even my cousin (the bride) just wanted to get it over with!

Sacrilege, I tell you! I was not going to stand by and watch my favorite cousin’s once in a lifetime experience be sacrificed in the alter of tediousness. Drastic measures were needed to bring the life back to the party.

It was time to call in the big guns and infuse some pizazz. A lot of frantic phone calls, to friends in high places, later I was ready with my big surprise.

A DJ night was scheduled for the following evening which garnered some interest amongst the younger folks. But the crowd seemed content to just sit around and sip cocktails while listening to the DJ. An hour into the DJ night, there was a sudden black out. Out of the darkness came a melodious song, it was none other than Anushka Manchanda. A huge applause rang through the crowd. The power came back on and there in the middle of the dance floor was the famous Allu Arjun! The crowd went wild! The dynamic duo had everyone on their feet in minutes. There was an energy in the room which touched the young and old alike. Even my grand aunt decided to shake a leg with Allu Arjun. My surprise was complete. It was truly a night to remember.

There was a buzz of liveliness in the air the next day. The lethargy that had set in completely disappeared. Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun had not only entertained us the night before but their energetic performance had renewed our vigor. I happily noted that the family reached new level of crazy as they attempted to organize the best last wedding of the season. And what a wedding it was!

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