Protect Her Heart

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So I took the Weight Heart Test at the Saffola Life website and I am very happy with the results! This is one place where 0% is A+ grade.

Then again, as much as I want to, I do not lead a very active life... bound as I am to my desk job, the only exercise I get daily is taking the staircase instead of the lift for a mere three floors. So, I am pretty sure the only reason I have an A+ grade in the Weight Heart Test is because I was genetically blessed with a fast metabolism.

Now that age is slowly creeping up on me  gone are my days of a washboard flat stomach – it is high time I stop depending on genetics and take control of my health routine!

"Did you know 2 out of 4 women
are at risk of Heart Problems due to increasing weight?" 
– via Saffola Life
So here is the plan – courtesy an excellent list of suggestions provided by the good folks at Saffola

#1. Walk Plan: Starting tomorrow, I am joining my husband on his daily morning walk. I know the best time to start is today, but I have exceeded today's walking quota of 10000 steps shopping for walking gear – shoes, clothes and a pedometer *wink*

"10000 steps per day is considered healthy. A good walk plan helps you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level, thus facilitating a healthy heart." 
– via Saffalo Life

Tip: If you are looking for advice on how you should plan your work for optimum effectiveness, please refer Saffola's Sample Walk Plan here.

#2. Diet Plan: I love my aloo parathas and chicken makhanis. I had an intense dislike for vegetables and unless you count the dhaniya garnish there was never anything green on my plate.

It is only after I got married that my diet has taken a healthy turn. My husband is an accomplished cook and specialises in cooking delicious yet healthy meals   Contrary to my belief delicious food does not necessarily mean soaked in butter!

I am slowly learning to cook healthy as well. My fridge is now filled with cuts of lean meat and salmon and even vegetables like broccoli, spinach and zucchini. Items like non-fried paneer kofta curry and healthy chicken tikka with oats have found its way into our daily menu.

"A good diet plan tells you what you should consume in every meal and how much."  
                         – via Saffalo Life

Tip: For a normal healthy diet plan check out the one from Saffola here.

So, I think I am off to a healthy start and not to mention additional quality time with my husband. Are you?


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