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If you're peppy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're peppy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're peppy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're peppy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)

Christina, Emily, Florence & I have friends since our first day as kindergarten. We called ourselves the ‘Peppy Four’. We had adopted the slightly modified nursery rhyme as our anthem and our dearest dream was to go on an adventure like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five... Five on a Treasure Island was unanimously voted as the best story ever!

Now before you start judging us, let me tell you this was the mid 90s and to our tween selves we were the heights of cool!

The year we turned eleven, our parents decided to send us to summer camp. When my parents proposed the summer camp idea to the other parents, they immediately grabbed it. It would be very educational and character building they said. But on hind sight I think it was just the inviting prospect of being free of high spirited tweens for half the summer vacation.

The ‘Peppy Four’ were overjoyed. Three weeks together without parental supervision what more could an eleven year old ask for! What we did not take into account were the strict rules and the even stricter camp Director – Miss Amanda Nazareth or 'the Nazi’ for short.

By the end of week one we were tired of getting up at the crack of dawn and the boring camp food. Not to mention we had done more chores that week than we would have had to do in the entire summer at home. The ‘Peppy Four’ decided that it was time to cut short the summer camp adventure and head home.

This called for drastic measures because the only way we would get away early was if we got expelled!

That night we sneaked out of our bunks after midnight. We locked all our camp counselors in and the spray painted 'the Nazi’s' cabin. We also TP-ed it for good measure and as a final touch dumped some wet cement write outside her door.

Next morning there was pandemonium as our councilors banged their doors to be let out, while ‘the Nazi’ emerged to see the defacement of her cabin and promptly got stuck in the cement mixture.

It was way past breakfast when everything was sorted out. A disgruntled Director called for an assembly of the campers, no doubt to find the kids responsible for the mayhem. But before she could even start her address the ‘Peppy Four’ walked up to the dais while everyone looked astonished.

“I locked the camp counselors in the cabin,” said Christina. Her voice clear as a bell.

“I spray painted the Director’s cabin,” said Emily.

“I TP-ed the cabins,”
said Florence sheepishly.

“I got our Director stuck in the cement,” I said finally.

Someone giggled at the back and soon laughter broke out in the assembly. The camp counselors were trying hard not to laugh while ‘the Nazi’ looked as her face grew redder by the second. Suddenly she started laughing as well. Laughter exploded through the entire camp and we joined in too.

At the end of the episode, the ‘Peppy Four’ were not expelled. We were made to clean up the mess, which took the whole day… Oh how our arms ached! … A few of the campers even offered to help us in their free time.

Camp rules did not get easier or chores less rigorous. But funnily enough we were relieved not to get expelled. We stayed on at camp and now that we look back, that was probably one of the best summers of our lives.

The following year we did go back to the camp, and the year after. Later we even went back as counselors. And every time we would recount the story of how the ‘Peppy Four’ got ‘the Nazi’ stuck in cement.

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