The Proposal

Fourth February, 2011

I decided to leave work early today. By early I mean, in time for dinner rather than the usual last cab before midnight. The project for March was of mammoth proportions and even with sixteen hours working days we were only just meeting deadlines.

So, could I afford to leave work in time for dinner? No, absolutely not.

But today is special.

I had been promoted! So, the Boyfriend and I decided to celebrate over dinner.

We booked us a table at my favorite restaurant, let our hair down and settled in for a relaxing evening. The food, the wine, the ambience and not to mention the company was excellent. Conversation flowed as the night grew darker. It was nice to have a discussion not burdened with words such as defects or codes or deadlines. Soon it was time for desserts and I let the Boyfriend order us something deliciously festive while I headed to the ladies room.

The final treat for the evening was Crème Brule. With one last toast to us, we dug in to the scrumptious goodness in front of us. A girl could not get luckier, I thought and added a silent touchwood with a discreet knock on the wooden table.

I was savoring my second bite when the Boyfriend let out a small “Ouch!” He discreetly extracted a small piece of metal from his mouth while I stared at him confused. My confusion turned into bewilderment when I realized that the piece of metal was a ring.

An engagement ring!

But I didn’t plant the ring in the Boyfriend’s dessert. Or even buy a ring for that matter. What was happening?

While I tried to stammer an explanation, the Boyfriend was on his knees!

Turns out the wait staff had mixed up our plates.
“In my mind I went through a hundred possibilities of how this evening would turn out to be and trust me what actually happened was nowhere near how I imagined it. Somehow with you my life always seems to take unexpected turns, there is always a funny memory waiting to happen or an excitement around the corner. I am ready for a lifetime of adventure together. Will you marry me?”
Needless to say, that night I went home with a gigantic rock on my finger and an even bigger smile on my lips.

Later in the night, I picked up cell phone to wish the Boyfriend Fiancé a goodnight when I saw a new message from my bank flashing across my screen.

“Thank you for using your Credit Card ending 0214 for Rs.6500.00 in CHENNAI at FAVORITE RESTAURANT on 2011-02-04:20:42:45”

I quickly checked my purse and realized that somehow our credit cards had gotten exchanged... Probably on our last lunch date when we went dutch.

I called up the Fiancé and told him about the switched credit cards. It took him a moment to realize that technically I had paid for his proposal!!! While I had a hearty laugh, he apologized profusely and insisted on reimbursing me. He even wanted a do over.

But I was not changing a thing. Perhaps it was not a perfect proposal, but it was the imperfections that made it more memorable.
"Among life's precious jewels, genuine and rare, the one that we call memories has worth beyond compare."
 *                                      *                                       *

It has been four years since that day. Four beautiful years filled with love, laughter, happiness, fun and unexpected adventure.



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